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I have loved horses my entire life. I started riding at the age of three, sitting in front of my Dad herding cattle. The first time I was bucked off was riding in front of my Dad. He got bucked off and since I was riding in front of him I went too. He landed on his back and I landed on his stomach.

My favorite show horse was named Sandy Spur and he was an amazing individual. He earned the title of AQHA Supreme Champion. He was AAA on the track as a race horse and earned all the event AQHA points required and my dad finished up his roping points.
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My first showing was with my Dad's rope goers Skeeter. He and my Dad had won a lot of money in team roping competitions. Skeeter was not into shows he didn't see the purpose in doing anything that wasn't heeling a steer. I however loved it so my parents bought my first show horse Miss Poco Barbie when I was 8 years old. She was well trained but stubborn. She didn't do anything unless she was convinced you could make her do it. She taught me some of my best lessons in life. The most challenging horses help you become a better rider. You do go home at night in tears and lose a lot of sleep over them but you have to dig deep for the solutions to the problems.

I was blessed to have ridden many wonderful horses for my youth years.
My mom had a good eye for a horse and our ranch lifestyle was a good fit for show horses. We couldn't afford a full time trainer just occasional lessons. So my family helped me a lot.



I started training and giving lessons at the age of 17. My first client was actually the girl who we sold Sandy Spur to. My first job was working for a cutting horse trainer just down the road from our ranch. The trainer allowed me to have outside clients and lessons so that worked out really well and my career was underway. The last 30 years I have had the pleasure of coaching and training AQHA Champions and NRHA winners. I love developing the horse and rider relationships. There are foundational pillars of knowledge that need to be in place for the success of each horse and rider both individually and collectively. When this knowledge base is formed the horse and rider have a partnership built.

Lori Trail.jpg
With my mom and dad's help and good horses
we made it work. My next show horse was
Sandy Spur and he was an amazing individual.
He earned the title of AQHA Supreme
Champion. This was no easy feat besides
having to have points in numerous events a
horse also had to be rated AAA on the track.
We were blessed to purchase him because he
hadn't worked out for his previous riders. We
took a chance he would flourish with our
lifestyle and my riding style. Fortunately for all
of us we were a great fit and we had a very
successful career together.


2016 AQHA World Show qualified in Ranch Riding
with Mity Independent
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